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Our mainly purpose is to help individuals and businesses to manage risk. We provide the best products and services to eliminate most hazards and limiting exposures facing our customers. We have built value with our customers by maintaining satisfaction and integrity.

We offer and support over

different electronic security products.

We are a dedicated Trade Only wholesaler of Fire Protection, Access Control, Alarms & Detection, CCTV & HD Video Surveillance and Trade Convenience products. We have multiple offices that are staffed with some of the most experienced people in the protection business. Our people are not stagnant but involved with the ever-changing business, technology and trends.


Our second purpose it´s dedicated to Trading, specialized in the supply of parts for MRO (Maintenance, repair and operations), with a strong logistic organization that allows us to offer thousands of marks and references, to satisfy all the purchases requirements of our clients Timely.

We have more than 15 years of experience and a wide network of suppliers worldwide, which makes us a strategic ally for large companies in all sectors. Through this we were able to consolidate the efforts of the purchasing area and generate savings in the organization.